I Don't Want To Become Famous - 10/6

Getting reviewed at all is, in itself, a nice enough treat when you're producing a web series. But, the folks over at NewTeeVee.com really seem to get what we're trying to achieve with iChannel on various different levels. Craig Rubens wrote a pretty insightful review back around Episode 8, riffing off the fact we had "I" reading Kafka's The Trial.

Realizing that a lot of web series are entering their "sophomore seasons" (must be a back-to-school thing in the zeitgeist), Craig just published this article about just that and included i:Season Two. He starts the article with this bold statement:

"If you’re wondering why ABC (DIS) felt the need to have a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, then you need to get away from the TV and come back to the Internet."

At a time when WGA members are voting whether or not to strike come November 1st (when the current contract expires) and effectively shut down all film development and television production in the process or wait until next summer to join forces with SAG and the DGA to shut down all Hollywood production of any kind - Craig's advice might be something that everyone should plan on doing anyway. The last time there was a writers' strike in Hollywood, it sparked the renaissance of reality television. This time around, internet-based entertainment just might be poised to make the same leap.

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