I Don't Want To Become Famous - 9/31

Sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly how far your reach is on the internet since being watched in Los Angeles could happen as easily as being watched in Tokyo. Our italian isn't that great but we found this article recently talking about the launch of the new season and website (we think).


gparker said...

I'll translate it for you in my awful english: "After a long reasonless pause I Channel is back with its second season.
I Channel is the low budget/no-sponsor/no-money-just-ideas web series qhich arrived to 19 episodes abruptely closing a beautiful season 1.
I Channel has an interisting kind of video language, mixed qith all the UGC material which is around. And o now the first season is one of the best thing made for the web seen until now.
Now it's back on a new YouTube Channel, on a new blog and on Revver (which gives them hopefully also some money)
First espisode starts great but then second one is already seems lost, but yet there are no users' new comments which are the heart of everything, so I'll wait some more episodes to declare the jump of the shark and the end of the ideas".

Harsh but hopeful

ichannel said...

Excellent. It's great that anyone is writing about the show - positive or negative or in between. As long as they're writing about it.